Present for holidays from hotnet! 31.12.2011
hotnet congratulates everybody with upcoming holidays of “31 December – Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis” and New Year and invite all to enjoy free access to in hotnet network from December 31st - January 10th.

elcell wireless Internet service signs a roaming agreement with hotnet 21.06.2011
elcell wireless broadband Internet service and the largest WiFi network in Baku hotnet signed a roaming agreement. According to the agreement elcell subscribers, while being in the hotnet WiFi zone, get Internet access via their elcell accounts almost from any main street of the capital. Connection to hotnet WiFi network is possible without elcell modems through devices, supporting the WiFi protocol - smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs etc. Roaming cooperation of elcell and hotnet is the additional service for elcell subscribers.

Apart from it, elcell subscribers will get an opportunity to install WiFi hotnet hotspots in apartments, offices, cottages at economy hotnet rates. Installation of hotspots will give more comfort to elcell subscribers and provide them with broadband Internet access via all possible devices.

hotnet is the biggest city WiFi network in Azerbaijan as well as the Caucasus region. Coverage area includes the major part of Baku center and many other districts of the city as well as the most restaurants, clubs and hotels. Currently, the expansion of network is in progress and new access points are added every day both in Baku and country regions.

HOTNET, is the first to connect to GoldenPay online payment system 17.03.2009
Starting March 17, 2009, "HOTNET" users can now pay for wireless internet services directly online using their credit card. This service is provided by GoldenPay, the first ever online payment service provider in Azerbaijan. Anyone with a "Visa/Visa Electron" or "MasterCard/Maestro" card can take advantage of this service by going to the official website of HOTNET ( and paying for internet services. The system has passed all security tests required by the internet payment departments at "Visa" and "MasterCard". As a result, GoldenPay has been given "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard Secure Code" licenses. The system also uses "VeriSign SSL", the international encryption standard, to increase the level of security.

HOTNET payment cards on sale 18.01.2008
On January, 18, 2008 HOTNET payment cards came into market. HOTNET payment cards available with the dealer stores will allow everyone to benefit from the balance replenishment service and get quality and high-speed Internet access within zones covered by Wi-Fi.
To use the service, you are required to purchase "Payment card" and register on

Wi-Fi services to be launched in Baku 26.12.2007
Services of wireless access to Internet based on Wi-Fi technology will be rendered under HOTNET trademark.
A net of hot spots set in different places of the capital city will allow ensuring access to wireless Wi-Fi standard internet all over the city, for the first time not only in Azerbaijan but also in the entire region.
To date, Wi-Fi is the most widely spread standard in the sphere of wireless services. Almost all mobile facilities, including laptops, palmtop computers, and several models of cell phones, support the said standard.
Rendering of Wi-Fi services will allow any user of the aforementioned facility to get access to wireless Internet.
The radio signal quality is tested on central streets and in public places of the capital city in the framework of the first stage of the project.
Those, willing to familiarize with the service and quality testing, can use the free access to popular informational resource of